How to Make Your Google My Business Page Sparkle

Increasingly, it is important for businesses, professionals and brands to show up in search.

The recent Google Developers I/O 2015 conference announced a magnanimous increase in Android devices. Google webmasters are pressing the importance of mobile friendly websites.  Combined, these two provide an opportunity to search for anything from just about anywhere.

One of the best ways a business may take advantage of these new developments is to create a Google My Business(GMB) page.  Think of this powerful tool as the landing platform where everything comes together.

The first step is to choose the type of business:

GMB Choose Type


Store Front - Customers visit a location during posted business hours. Local markets, movie theaters and yoga centers are good candidates. The exact location of the business shows on the map.

Service - Goods and services delivered at varying locations. Traveling consultants, baby duck walkers and ice cream delivery fit well here. The specific location of the business does not show on the map.

Brands - Choose this option to spread the word about your cause, label or company.  Women's designer sportswear companies, singers and painters and philanthropic causes are examples.  

Next Steps: Shine up your presence

Claim Ownership

Verify your page by phone or by postcard. Claim your vanity URL. Connect your YouTube page.

Business Name

Does the business name show and is the spelling correct?  


Is the full address correct, including suite number and postal code?

Contact Information

Are the telephone number and email address complete and accurate ?

Hours of Operation

Take extra care to show the correct operating hours. Else the business might show up as closed.


Choose the correct category for your business. Add more detail if available. For example:

If a tax professional choose “Tax Consultant” instead of “Consultant”.

If a restaurant choose specialty “Taco Restaurant” instead of Restaurant.

Inspire curiosity:

Profile photo/Logo

Storefront: Add a professional logo or a professional picture of the owner.

Service Based: Choose a nice smiling, camera facing picture of yourself.

Cover Photo:  Select a nice well done cover photo. Reflect the  image the business wants to convey to customers and clients.

Location Photos

Show pictures and videos inside and out.  Consider hiring a professional for a 360 Business View by a Google Trusted Photographer. Add videos of special events.


Show who you follow and who follows you.


Display communities you own, moderate or are active in.

Tell Your Story

Add a catchy tagline. Tell people who you are and what makes your business special. This is a great place to show off personality and provide interesting details.

Add Links to show how you are connected

Add links to your website, social profiles, blogs or publications you contribute to.

Now: Connect with Customers

Connect with customers 06.19.15 mary stovall
  • Follow customers and people you want to connect with. 
  • Share special offers with your customers directly via posts.
  • Connect with those who +1 your content
  • Respond to reviews as the business owner
  • Use Google Hangouts to share special events, offers and new products face-to-face.


On completing the next step towards growing your business and helping people find you in search. Dive in and enjoy the new found connections!

If you have questions or need help with your Google My Business page. please contact me on Google+ or feel free to email me at

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